Gen En

Gen en takes place in the same universe as The Spades, taking place seventeen years after the conclusion. The Spades have lost their former glory along with many of its members including its top leadership. The organization has changed vastly, mostly working as contract killers for government organizations or in corporate espionage.  They operate out of smaller independently runs cells as opposed to a central organization as in the past.  The group is also much more adapt to the modern world; members are allowed to have families, lives outside The Spades.   All that remains of the past is a simply their name.  But with this freedom came a sacrifice towards the organization, the fear and discipline once revered by the Spades has been lost, and many see them as nothing more than a common mercenary group.   There old ways nothing more as myth that never existed.  This does not sit well with members trained in the former ideology or figures from the past that may reemerge in a new world. 

The Central story follows around Dean Thompson an ex commando who after retirement from the service has begun working as a “threat control operator” for a branch of the Spades.   Along with him is his younger brother Ben, a securities and electronics expert who assistant Dean in his missions.  After completing a routine mission for the CIA Dean receives a word from Max, his contact within the Spades that his old military mentor, the mysterious Jack Cortes was looking for him with a big job.  Rumor has it Jack has ties to the Spades from when he was a child, but those may be just old assassins gossip.  The job Jack has is big, the biggest, the contract on three regime officials in South America, along with the retrieval of important data involving weapon development.  Something of this magnitude requires the best from around the world, each with their own specialty.   There is something Jack is hiding… much more to this job than meets the eye.